ReThinking Your Life

Rethinking Your Thinking & Your View of Yourself

If you want new results, you need to find a new way to think. Watch to learn how we can make a mind change and be transformed, as we start our new series “Rethinking Your Life”

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Rethinking Your Worship

We all worship something or someone. The question is ‘who or what do you worship?’ You might even think of worship music, when you think of worship. But the truth is, that’s only PART of it.

Watch as Pastor Nick answers two questions, “What is Worship” and “How do I worship?”

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Rethinking Sin & Temptation

Nobody is perfect (except Jesus), but most of us don’t like admitting our sin, either. Watch as Pastor Nick invites us to stop thinking of ourselves as mistakers who just need to try harder, but rather as sinners who need to be rescued, as we rethink sin and temptation.

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