Members Meeting 2022: RESULTS

Thanks for participating in the Members' Meeting! You can find results here from the vote here.

Press the play button to watch the 2022 pre-recorded Members Meeting. Check out the results from the congregational vote and access helpful links including the Annual Report below.

Dear Member of Grace Church,

Thank you for your participation in the Members Meeting! We are grateful for your support and confidence in the direction of our church and for the high participation in the meeting. We are pleased to announce overwhelming approval for both the 2022-2023 budget and affirmation for our three board members:  Wade Karhan, Bruce Steiner and Tom Weckesser.

We anticipate more stories of life change as we move forward together for the sake of the kingdom. We believe the best is yet to come for Grace Church!

Wade Karhan
Board Chairman

Nick Cleveland
Senior Pastor


2022-2023 Budget:
Overwhelming Approval at 98.4%

Board Members:
Overwhelming Approval and Affirmation of all 3 Board Members
Wade Karhan
Bruce Steiner
Tom Weckesser



Helpful Links:


                     Annual Report               

   2022-2023 Budget Summary