Grace Kids

simple • safe • fun

Grace Kids is a place for kids (babies – 6th grade) to learn about Jesus on their level in a SIMPLE, SAFE, and FUN way here at our campus or in their very own living room! We want your family to experience Grace Kids in the best way possible, which is why we have created options for you to choose what is best for your family!

grace kids

A simple, safe and fun environment designed for kids to learn about Jesus on their level.  Your kids will love the atmospheres in Grace Kids each week as we have fun with live skits, music and lessons about how they can become more like Jesus.

grace kids sundays

Grace Kids is for kids from nursery – 6th grade. Join us on Sunday mornings in our building at 9:00 & 10:30 am. You are also invited to join us for Grace Kids at Home! Every week an email is sent out to parents with a video for your kid to watch, a weekly plan to read God’s Word together, and updates for what’s coming up in Grace Kids each month.

merge 5th & 6th grades

Merge is the next level of Grace Kids for our older elementary students. We take simple, safe and fun environments from Grace Kids and sprinkle in a little bit of what they’ll experience the coming years in Grace Students so that your 5th and 6th grader feels valued and gets to learn about Jesus on their level!

On Sunday mornings Merge gathers in room 160 at 9:00 & 10:30 am.

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Simple: Kids learn about Jesus on their level!

Safe: Security and cleanliness are top priorities in our GK environments.

Fun: You will get so excited about Jesus at GK that next time you’ll want to bring a friend!

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