For Wayne County

It starts in our neighborhood. It starts in Wayne County.

We want to be a church that’s totally for our community. Grace Church deeply cares about people, especially in Wayne County. Caring about people involves serving them. If you would like to be contacted about upcoming serving opportunities, text FWC to 330-264-9459.


It’s that time again, the Wayne County Fair is just around the corner and we have some exciting opportunities planned for our booth at the fair!

You’ve seen them in cities and on street corners, catching your eye or inviting you to stop and get a picture. The murals and street art in our culture today make a point to tell a story; they inspire and encourage their viewers.

We also want to make a point… We believe that God is For Wayne County, and we are too. FWC can be an unstoppable movement of people helping people, but that only happens when we work together. FWC is leveraging what we have to care for others around us because that’s what Jesus did.

This year we will have this HAND PAINTED MURAL REPRESENTING WAYNE COUNTY displayed at the Fair. It will be a fun photo opportunity, but it will be so much more!  When fairgoers share their photo on social media, our church will donate $1 to provide needed resources to local foster care families in Wayne County. Any donation will receive a free #FWC t-shirt or they can purchase a #fwc mug. Either way, 100% of the proceeds go directly to Wayne County foster families!

All in all, we are excited to be present once again at the Wayne County Fair!

#forwaynecounty : Fair Booth Volunteers 2021 (