10 Timeless Commandments

This 10-week summer series will discuss each commandment one-by-one and learn that the 10 commandments are the best moral code today. Each commandment communicates God’s character, confronts our lack of character, charts for us a new path for life, and comes with a promise where God moves the truth from stone to our heart. This is what makes the 10 commandments timeless.

No Other Gods

As we kick off a brand new series for summer, we take a closer look at the first commandment – ‘you shall have no other gods before me’

No Idols

An idol is someone or something you put your confidence in more than God.  Idolatry is not an issue; it’s THE issue.   Who or what we serve is our god.  And there are really only 2 options: You either serve the god you’ve created or the God who created you.


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