Nick Cleveland

Senior Pastor

Pastor Nick is the senior pastor of Grace Church in Wooster. He is a gifted communicator and leader that’s extremely passionate about sharing the truth of God’s Word with Wayne County. He has served at Grace Church in Wooster since 2003. In addition to his foremost passion for God, he also loves his wife, Vicki, his three children, Aidan, Isaac, & Hadleigh and the Ohio State Buckeyes.


Bob Fetterhoff

Senior Pastor

rdfetterhoff@woostergrace.org @BobFetterhoff

David Lawson

Administrative Pastor

dlawson@woostergrace.org @DrDavidLawson

Steve Kern

Next Steps Pastor

skern@woostergrace.org @stevenbkern

Randy Moomaw

Worship Pastor

rmoomaw@woostergrace.org @rmoomaw

Daron Butler

Next Steps Pastor

dbutler@woostergrace.org @daronbutler

Ben Framstad

Creative Arts Director

bframstad@woostergrace.org @BenFramstad

Matt Carter

Contemporary Worship Director

mcarter@woostergrace.org @mathdcarter

Billy Starkey

Grace Students Director

bstarkey@woostergrace.org @thebillystarkey

Tim Boucher

Grace Kids Director

tboucher@woostergrace.org @timboucher1

Rachel Snyder

Communications Director

rsnyder@woostergrace.org @Rachel_Joy31

Jeff Walter

Operations Director