Give JOY this Christmas

We want to give JOY to over 10,000 people this Christmas season! Here are 3 ways to join in the give JOY initiative in your group, neighborhood or organization:

1.   Share the give JOY initiative with your group (friends, family, office, school, business, neighborhood etc.).
2.  Brainstorm ways to give JOY in your context. Get creative, check out a list of projects we recommend, and add to the idea bank!
3.  Fill out a JOY report  for each project you complete and let us know what you did and who was blessed!

SUBMIT ideas and JOY reports:

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Ideas to give JOY

Make care packages for a new family you know.

Tie blankets and deliever to nursing homes.

Knit blankets for babies you know.

Christmas carol and give small gifts to your neighbors!

Give giftcards to holiday store workers to use during lunch break.

Wash someone’s car windows.

Pay it forward at the gas pump.

Pay it forward at the car wash.

Give someone an oil change.

Prepay the machines at the laundromat.

Pay it forward at a drive thru or coffee shop.

Make a meal for a school sports team.

Invite a single parent family to your home for dinner

Call your favorite non-profit and ask how you can serve.

Partner with school to buy student Christmas presents.

Deliver baked goods to your local first responders.

Bake cookies for your neighbors and invite to church.

Play a board game or puzzle with a shut-in or at Nursing Home

Buy a winter coat and give it away to someone who needs it.

Pamper nursing home residents with a spa day.

Deliver doughnuts to Sherriffs Office.

Write/make Christmas cards and deliver them to nursing home residents.

Make flower arrangments for someone’s table.

Shovel neighborhood drive ways.

Write an encouraging Christmas card to your boss.

Send your babysitter flowers.

Cook a meal for road crew/construction site.

Invest time in someone who looks up to you.

Walk a dog at Humane Society.

Ask to help clean/organize at a local non-profit.

Join a local reading program at an elementary school.

Host a Christmas Party for your neighborhood.

Make a meal for local Fire Department.

Buy a toy to stuff the cruiser at Wal-Mart.

Double tip day at local restraurants.

Leave $1 bills sporadically at a dollar store.

Leave a homemade treat and note for your mailman in your mailbox.

Pay for someone’s layaway at Walmart.

Return carts back at your local grocery store.

Donate blood through Red Cross.

Leave a quarter in all of the carts at Aldi.

Pay for someone’s meal you don’t know when you go out to eat.

Decorate someone’s home for Christmas.

Give your bus driver a Chrsitmas gift.

Decorate your neighbor’s porch for the holidays.

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