Dollars and Sense

Grace Church wants to help you have dollars and sense.
We believe it all belongs to God and we want you to have the freedom to actually live that way.

Debt Reduction




Are the chains of debt holding you back?
Check out this tip to help you remove the shackles and live like God intended.

Debt Reduction

Money Can Buy Happiness



Did you know that money can actually buy you happiness?
The question you should ask is, are you seeking happiness or joy?

Money Can Buy You Happiness

Save Like a Pro



The steps to becoming financially healthy are not difficult, but vital to your long term goals. Take 1 minute to check out these helpful tips to help launch you to financial freedom.

Save Like a Pro

Path To Financial Freedom

The most difficult aspect to achieving financial freedom is taking your first step. Check out the workbook and corresponding videos below to get started.

Video Week 1 Video Week 2

Video Week 3 Video Week 4


Resource List

Financial Peace Revisited – Dave Ramsey
The Money Challenge – Art Rainer
The Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey
Managing God’s Money: A Biblical Guide – Randy Alcorn

If you need help with a budget, here’s a PIE CHART with the recommended allowances.

Give us a call at 330.264.9459 to work through a plan for financial freedom.

Life is never easy but it is easier together.

For more information contact Jeff Walter